As avid animal lovers all of our lives, the health, wellness and care for our pets has always been top priority. A pet is never just a pet; they are our family and each holds their own special place in our hearts.
Cooper was the first pet that was all my responsibility. I learned so much from loving him. The bond I formed with him was an incredible thing that you can only experience from the unconditional love from a dog. He gave me so much. He forced me to get up in the mornings when I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Exercise became an actual thing with daily walks and non stop play time. He was always around and always ready to love.
Being lonely doesn't exist when you have your furbaby by your side. Life is without a doubt changed by them for the better. With all that they give to us, how could we not want only the best for them?
I love and miss Cooper and all of my fur babies every day, but FUReal Love keeps me feeling closer to them by hopefully helping other dog owners find products that are safe for their little ones. There are so many products available that are actually doing harm to our dogs. We know it is important to make a smart choice about the products we give them because... the kind of love we feel for them is FUReal!